Senior Passes

Did you know that Seniors ride free all day, every day on NCATA buses? You do if you are 65 years or older, you can sign up for a transit pass today by picking up an application or by completing a Transit Pass Application. Simply fill out the application and bring a photocopy of one of the following items listed here:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Driver’s License
  • State ID
  • Passport or Naturalization Papers
  • Veteran’s Universal Access ID
  • Statement of Age from the Social Security Administration
  • Armed Forces Card

When you have the application ready, you need to stop by our main office at 311 Mahoning Ave, New Castle, PA, or our Downtown Transfer Center. We will then mail you your FREE pass! It’s that easy!

Seniors Ride FREE All Day, Every Day! Your transit pass never expires and can be used on any public bus system in Pennsylvania. (certain restrictions may apply)

Senior passes are also valid on NCATA commuter buses, which are the Pittsburgh Commuter Service, and the Route 81 Boyer/Iron Mountain run.

NCATA gives you the freedom to take the bus where you need to go, most everyday. Spend time with family and friends, shop, or visit your doctor. We offer other services that make riding the bus easy, convenient and safe.

Safety and service are NCATA’s top priorities. Both NCATA’s fleet and transit centers are monitored by video surveillance cameras for your comfort and safety. You may want to consider riding with a friend until you are more comfortable riding our system. It may be more convenient to travel late mornings or early afternoons as it is usually less crowded. For easy seating, the first seats behind the driver are designated for seniors and people with disabilities.

Your ability to travel is important to us, so all NCATA buses offer accessibility features for riders with special needs.

All NCATA buses are equipped with lifts or ramps for boarding ease.
Buses “kneel” to make boarding more convenient.