Minor changes to some Pittsburgh trips

The bus leaving the New Castle Transfer Center at 6:45 AM will be given the flexibility to leave Portersville Park & Ride a few minutes early. It will not leave before 7:10AM under any circumstances, but it does not have to wait until the 7:15 time. We are making this change to help alleviate this bus getting caught in the congestion headed into Pittsburgh. (Run 712 AM)

Clarification on Senior Passes

As there seems to be some confusion on where senior passes can be utilized, we are posting this alert.

Senior passes can be used on all NCATA routes.

We hope this clears up some of the confusion.

Commuter Fares to Pittsburgh

Commuter Fares to Pittsburgh

Just as a reminder, the fare on our commuter service to Pittsburgh is $4.00 per person, regardless of age. For example, if a husband and wife and their 2 year old child are riding our bus, the fare for them is $12.00 (3 people @ $4.00 each) No exceptions can be made to this. We thank you for your understanding.

Senior citizen ID cards are valid on the commuter buses to Pittsburgh.